Evergreen Fine Art Gallery - Best of the Foothills
Evergreen Fine Art Gallery: Mirada Fine Art Gallery - A Truly Unique Contemporary Art Experience
Evergreen Fine Art Galleries:  Are you looking for the best in the foothills?  There's a reason Mirada Fine Art was voted the 'Best Art' by Mountain Connection newspaper.

If you're looking for a great fine art gallery in Evergreen, or the front range, you need to check out Mirada Fine Art.  The folks at Mirada believe a galle
ry should be more than just a building that houses art - no matter how spectacular the art is.  That is why they have created an atmosphere worthy of the world class artists they represent.

Located in the Indian Hills Trading Post, Mirada is only minutes from southwest Denver, but the space will transport you to another place and time.   You will be able to focus entirely on some of the finest contemporary art in the Denver Metro area.  Most of the artists featured at Mirada can not be found at any other gallery in Colorado, even though their distinctive work embodies the spirit of the region.

Come experience Mirada for yourself!

Checkout Mirada at:  www.miradafineart.com
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